The Roses :: Bungalows & Seaside Bites

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Paradise beach, near N. Marmara has selected to create a very enjoyable experience with an oasis of hospitality, recreational leisure and relaxation.

The Roses is a group of rental accommodation that faces the sea with 3 acres of an enclosed area, inclusive of gardens, a playground and parking space.
From the balcony of each room you will be able to enjoy the outstanding view of the Kassandra Gulf and its stunning background.
Paradeisou beach lays ahead, merely ten steps away from the complex, with the most comfortable deckchairs and umbrellas to enjoy the sun and sea in Halkidiki.

chalkidiki marmaras


Due to its geographical location, it is an ideal base for excursions to the beaches of Sithonia as well as the mountain villages of Halkidiki and Marmara, which has proven to be one of the most significant seaside tourist resorts in the region.

“The roses” and paradise await for you to embrace the astounding sea in all of its vast green surroundings.

The beaches of region constitute surprise for the visitor, so much with their diversity as long as with their crystal waters. Certain interesting beaches are Kalogria, Agios Ioannis, Kalamitsi, Portokali, Trani Ammoudia, Tigania, Tristinika, Kochi, Lagomandra, Kobiou, Karidi.

Walking ascent in the mountainous volume of Itamoy. A way of 15 kilometres (that can is also realised with mountain bike or moto) through the pinewood. The unique view that you see from the top is the better remuneration.