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The N. Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan region of Sithonias, a part that combines ideally all the beauties of Chalkidiki. It is built amphitheatrically on three hills and to the south the village gets to the sea. Opposite is found the uninhabited islet Nutshell that has the form of turtle.

New Marmaras was founded afterwards the unrooting 1922 from refugees that emanated from his island Marmaras of Propontidas. Up to 1967 a lot of residents from the neighbouring Parthenon installed in the N. Marmaras. In 1970 were suppressed the community of Parthenon and the village were finally abandoned. Today the settlement has been nominated preservable and is renovated continuously maintaining his traditional architecture.

The village presents big tourist movement from May until October, as it appears from his population, that in the summertime is near the 20.000. In the wider region of N. Marmaras as well as in the village you will find a abundance from taverns, bar, clubs and beach bar that covers the all requirements.
The visitor can also find banks with ATM, police department, surgeries, drugstores and post.